Charlotte Real Estate Trends

As a both an attorney who works on closing home sales and a longtime resident of Charlotte, I feel well-equipped to provide some insights on the real estate trends happening in the Queen City. 

Over the past decade, over 888,000 people have moved to the Charlotte metro area. The city continues to grow at a rapid rate, with about 60 people a day moving to the Charlotte area. The city seems to be a popular choice for both retirees and younger millennials who are early on in their careers. Last month, my legal firm closed home sales for folks moving from Buffalo, NY, from San Francisco and from Jacksonville, FL. Their reasons for moving were varied. One older couple was moving to be closer to their daughter, who had recently relocated here for a job. Another buyer was a job transfer from Dallas who brought with him his wife and two young children. And yet another was a physician who had just finished residency and was recruited to one of great health systems that we have here in town

It’s one of my favorite parts about my job as a real estate lawyer in Charlotte: meeting people who are just settling into our great city. I get to share with them all of my favorite things about the area – the best restaurant to get Southern food (The King’s Kitchen), the best place to tailgate for Panther’s games (The Growler) and the best beach town to sneak away to for a weekend getaway (Isle of Palms). All, IMHO of course! 

I also get to learn more about the many diverse neighborhoods that we have here in Charlotte. Dilworth continues to be a favorite among the double-income professional crowd. Families still swarm to Ballantyne and South Park. But I’m also seeing families setting up in places like NoDa and Plaza Midwood, which used to just attract the younger, hipster crowd. The light rail system continues to bolster areas that were previously less attractive due to their proximity to the excitement of uptown. As prices have risen in the city core, home buyers are looking further out so it’s been wonderful to see the public transportation options keep up with those trends, and keep the excitement of the city just a short train ride away.